Miscellaneous Products



Available in 4” x 10”

Great for agricultural fields.

Distribution Boxes

Available in sizes of: 5-way, 6-way, 8-way and 10-way.

These are all concrete, with knockouts to fit up to 4” pipe.

Trench Drains

21” W x 18” H x 10’ L.

Comes with Grate Top.

Sections can be produced in any length up to 10’. Sections can be tied together to produce any overall length. Ends available, closed, open or fitted with pipe.

Round Piers

Available in 24” x 3’ H

Great for additions and porches.


Available in 15”, 22” and 34” Wide.

End caps also available.

Concrete Parking Bumpers

Available in 6’ Long, Predrilled.

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