Your Precast Master.

Holbrook’s Precast, Inc. is located in Killawog, New York.

One hour south of Syracuse, thirty minutes north of Binghamton.

We are located just outside of Marathon.

Please feel free to visit our manufacturing plant Monday thru Thursday by appointment.

624 Jennings Creek Road     Killawog, New York 13974

Phone: 1-607-849-3787      Fax: 1-607-849-4642       Toll Free: 1-800-550-3787


Our office hours are:

Monday—Friday 7:30am to 4:30pm



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Holbrook’s Precast, Inc. is proud to be an American Family Owned and Operated Company.

624  Jennings Creek Road

Killawog, NY 13794


Phone: 607-849-3787

Fax: 607-849-4642